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Virtual & In-Home Energy Assessments

No-Cost Virtual Home Energy Checkup:

Great News! Your home energy checkup can now be done virtually. In just thirty minutes to an hour, our energy specialist will assess your home’s energy efficiency and then make solid recommendations.

You’ll get a custom list of energy-saving recommendations for your home and a plan to make your home more energy efficient. And, should insulation be recommended, you’ll save 75% on all approved insulation through the MASS SAVE program.

Best of all, the entire virtual energy checkup is at Zero-Cost.

No-Cost In-Home Energy Checkup:

If you prefer, we also offer in-home energy check-ups. These usually last one to two hours and, just like with our virtual energy checkups, you’ll save 75% of all approved insulation through the MASS SAVE program.

And, again, the in-home checkup is at Zero-Cost.

Both Virtual and In-Person Home Energy Checkups will include:

  • A personalized home energy report outlining recommended energy efficiency improvements.
  • No-Cost Immediate savings measures being, up to 25 LED Lightings, programmable thermostats, handheld & stationery shower heads, faucet aerators & up to 2 smart power strips, where applicable.

Weatherization recommendations which can include:

  • 100% No-Cost Air Sealing which includes but not limited too, door sealing kits for those drafty doors. The use of spray foam to seal leaky area’s in the attic and basement, which helps keep the air you treat from leaking out.
  • 75% off approved Insulation installations. This can be your attic, crawl spaces, exterior walls and more.
  • 75% off adding attic ventilation.
  • 75% off adding exterior vents and insulated hoses for existing bathroom fans.
  • No-Cost Infrared Testing.
  • No-Cost Blower door testing. This lets us know exactly how drafty your house is with this test.
  • No-Cost Combustion Safety Testing. We make sure that your heating and water heating equipment are drafting to the outside safely and have a proper carbon monoxide reading. A high CO count isn’t just a health concern but also unburnt fuel which is costly.
  • Rebates for High-efficiency Heating, water heating & cooling systems.
  • A 0% Heat loan which can be used for our weatherization recommendations, upgrading your heating and water heating equipment. The installation of energy-star windows and more!
  • Eligibility screening for the ENERGY STAR® refrigerator rebate

Our technicians are happy to answer any questions you may have about your home energy system.