At, a division of Potential Energy, we’re a resource for all of your home energy efficiency needs. We know all the ins and outs of home energy efficiency.  We know where to look for leakages and backdrafts. We know what has to be done to bring your energy costs down.

You want to save money?

One of the biggest drains on your wallet can be your home heating system. There are many ways hot air (or cold air in the summer) can seep out of your dwelling. When that happens, your system requires more heat (or air conditioning) to bring your temperature to the desired level. And that means more expense to you.

We make it simple to get your home energy costs down.

  • Click Here or call us at 844-564-SAVE and book a virtual home energy checkup (in-person home energy checkup when available).

  • Assessments can be done virtually, or in person based on your preference. Our virtual assessment are done through a Zoom call and take about 30 minutes. For in-person assessments, we have a technician visit you and assess your home the old fashion way. This takes about 1-2 hours.

  • Once the checkup is complete, we’ll do an assessment and come up with an insulation plan that addresses whatever issues we found. And guess what? For any insulation approved through the MASS SAVE program, you’ll get a 75% cost reduction.

  • We will schedule an appointment and our technicians will install the proper insulation throughout your home.

  • You’ll be as comfortable as ever, especially when you see your next energy bill.

  • Just for scheduling the home energy checkup, you’ll get a bunch of home energy efficiency goodies: 25 LED light-bulbs, a free programmable thermostat, pipe insulation for your water heater, and special water-efficient shower-heads.